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Fotoeins Friday um Ulm herum: medieval Münster & Mauer

In Ulm, um Ulm, und um Ulm herum

That’s a well-known “Zungenbrecher” (literally, “tongue breaker” or tongue-twister) which translates as “In (the city of) Ulm, around Ulm, and round about Ulm”.

Ulm is located in southern Germany in the federal state of Baden-Württemberg. On the other side of the Danube (Donau) river is Neu-Ulm in the state of Bavaria. After a quick ride on the bus and short walk to the river shore on Jahnufer, there’s this great view of Ulm with the central spire of the Münster (cathedral, 1377-1890 AD/CE) at left and the Metzgerturm (butcher’s tower, c. 1350 AD/CE) at right and subsequently incorporated with the Mauer (city wall, c. 1480 AD/CE).

I made the photo above on 25 September 2017 with a Canon 6D mark1, 24-105 glass, and the following settings: 1/500-sec, f/16, ISO800, and 45mm focal length. This post appears on Fotoeins Fotografie at fotoeins.com as https://wp.me/p1BIdT-dBs.

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