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Ian Wallace, Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver, BC, Canada,

Something different / etwas anders

Above/featured: Intersecting with Ian Wallace: Vancouver Art Gallery – 23 May 2017.

The Oxford Dictionary defines different as:

•   not the same as another or each other; unlike in nature, form, or quality.
•   novel and unusual.
•   distinct; separate.

A first glance at something seen might be good enough at the outset, but a photograph excels at the magic of a moment. Okay, it’s not always magic, and sometimes it’s more than the singularity of an event. Glance at these images and it’s possible you’ll proceed without additional examination, but if you stop for another look, you might find yourself asking questions.

Berlin, Germany

San Zaccaria, Thomas Struth, Hamburger Bahnhof Museum für Gegenwart, Museum for Contemporary Art, Berlin, Hauptstadt, Germany, Deutschland,

“San Zaccaria”, by Thomas Struth (1995). Hamburger Bahnhof Museum for Contemporary Art – 5 December 2014.

S-Bahn Berlin, Friedrichstrasse station, Bahnhof Friedrichstrasse, Berlin, Hauptstadt, Germany, Deutschland,

“I can stop time with the press of a button.” S-Bahn train, Friedrichstrasse station – 13 November 2016.

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Munich, Germany

Prague, Czech Republic

Průchodní, Staré Město, Prague, Praha, Prag, Czech Republic,

Go to the library! (Jděte do knihovny!) Průchodní, Staré Město – 5 November 2016.

Seattle, USA

Restless, Hebrú Brantley, street art, downtown Seattle, Seattle, USA,

“Restless”, by Hebrú Brantley, James Street – 6 January 2017.

Vancouver, Canada

Gastown, Vancouver, BC, Canada,

Water Street – 6 December 2017.

I made all pictures above with a Canon EOS 6D mark1 between 2014 and 2017; alle Fotoaufnahmen sind mit Wasserzeichen versehen worden. This post appears on Fotoeins Fotografie at fotoeins DOT com as

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    • fotoeins

      I’ve found rewards to keep my eyes open for unusual shots, even (or especially) for eccentric oddballs. Thanks, Tina!

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