Image by mohamed hassan on pxhere (CC0).

18 artists and togs I found in 2018 (IG)

A lot of ink, talk, discontent, and contempt has appeared regarding the uses and abuses on Facebook’s Instagram; see here and here. I discovered on Instagram the presence of the following 18 artists and photographers, some of whom I’d already been aware from print. It’s in many of their images where I’ve found stillness, inspiration, stimulation, and provocation, and that’s why you should get to know some of these people. I’ll continue to admire their work elsewhere when present forms of social media will (must?) inevitably disappear.

1. Pawel Kuczynski

2. Sandra Cattaneo Adorno

3. Wendy De Boer

4. Herakut

5. Markus Andersen

6. Erika Barker

7. Sahar Rabie

8. Ian Macdonald

9. Ole Ukena

10. Francesca Gennari

11. Women Street Photographers

12. Daisy Gilardini

13. Cristina Mittermeier

14. Take Kayo

15. Maciek Jablonski

16. Clayton Cubitt

17. Alex Webb & Rebecca Norris Webb

18. Edward Burtynsky

The top/featured image is by Mohamed Hassan on pxhere (CC0 license). This post appears on fotoeins DOT com as

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