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Fotoeins Friday: Ghosts in the commute (Munich)

430pm in any large city generally means the afternoon rush is in full-swing. The centre of Munich is unofficially marked by the transport junction at Marienplatz for both U- and S-Bahn trains. When I come up to the underground concourse, a steady flow of people are streaming through, up, and down. That sparks an idea. Ideally, I’d like to have a neutral-density filter to cut down the light by at least a factor of two, but I have the camera stopped down enough that even a long-exposure isn’t completely burning the highlights, although hindsight tells me I could’ve turned the ISO further down. I think my experiment worked relatively well; standing around with a tripod would be far too conspicuous.

I made the photo above on 22 February 2017 with the Canon EOS6D, 24-105 zoom, and the following settings: 1-sec, f/22, ISO400, 24mm focal length. This post appears on Fotoeins Fotografie at as

2 Responses to “Fotoeins Friday: Ghosts in the commute (Munich)”

    • fotoeins

      Hi and thank you, Cornelia. Where did you visit (in Munich) this past winter? Over the last few years and recent visits to München, it has been amazing for me to see the changes occurring underground at Marienplatz, as well as the underground between Hauptbahnhof and Karlsplatz (Stachus). Some might call the changes “corporate soullessness” because of the conversion to bright lights and commercial activity, but I think it does beat the former dark and dingy alternative. I never regret visiting the bayerische Landeshauptstadt, and I love photographing inside (German) train stations. Thanks again for reading and for your kind comment! 😊


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