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Fotoeins Friday: Seattle Cinerama, “star wars”

The Cinerama movie theatre in downtown Seattle is owned by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen. After a fourth round of renovations in the theatre’s history, Cinerama reopened with big upgrades. The single-screen theatre features 4k laser projectors, a booming sound system, and large comfortable seats with leg room. The theatre can screen films in 3-D, 70-mm, and three-panel Cinerama formats.

The exterior wall painted with science-fiction movie themes is a good match with the debut of Star Wars’ Rogue One at the time I made this shot. And of course, there’s that tower again, which is also a great match …

I made the photo above on 6 January 2017 with the Canon EOS6D, 50mm-prime, and the following settings: 1/4-sec, f/22, and ISO10000. This post appears on Fotoeins Fotopress at as

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