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Fotoeins Friday: Speyer’s Imperial Cathedral at night

5 Responses to “Fotoeins Friday: Speyer’s Imperial Cathedral at night”

    • fotoeins

      Hi, Timo. Depending on what you’d like to see and do, Speyer can be seen in a day, although I did it slow and took two, because I’ve been learning about Jewish history. The same could be said about Worms, and the great thing is the distances aren’t very large in the stretch between Karlsruhe and Mannheim.

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    • CrazyChineseFamily

      These old cities are just wonderful, I remember we even had to build some paper replicas of some of their sights…
      Though these places can be visited within a day or two I still need to consider going there as a family and that adds usually a day or two 🙂

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    • fotoeins

      I understand 🙂 Speyer’s Maximilianstrasse (“Einkaufsstrasse”) leads to the Dom. There are also the Technik Museum Speyer and Sea Life Speyer, both which I didn’t have time to visit, but I imagine would be good (better?) for the entire family.

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