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Fotoeins Friday: Seattle emerges from Puget Sound fog

The late-morning starts out suitably winter grey, as the ferry leaves Seattle to traverse Puget Sound to Bremerton on the Kitsap Peninsula. On the return ferry to Seattle on board the MV Kaleetan, the fog and low stratus hang over the entire Sound, and I’m resigned to seeing a grim grey cloak for the entire trip. From the corner of my eye, I see something shimmer: it’s reflected sunlight from the Seattle skyline. The fog parts enough for a view of familiar landmarks from the television broadcast towers on Queen Anne Hill (left, north), the Space Needle (center-left), to the Columbia Center and the Smith Tower (right, south), as the early-afternoon sun casts a warm glow over the entire skyline. In the distance, WS Ferry MV Puyallup is about to dock at the Seattle ferry terminal.

I made this photo on 6 January 2015 with the Canon 6D, the 24-105 zoom, and the following settings: 1/400-sec, f/11, ISO500, and 24mm focal length. This post appears on fotoeins DOT com as

2 Responses to “Fotoeins Friday: Seattle emerges from Puget Sound fog”

  1. budgettraveltalk

    A beautiful shot. It is always nice when the sun wins out over the fog.


    • fotoeins

      Thank you, Jan! I count myself lucky to have seen the city skyline loom large over the fog layer! Big win for the winter afternoon sun! 😉 Thanks again for reading and for your kind comment!


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