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My Germany: Christmas Markets Around the Country

An annual trip to Germany generally involves a wander out and about and across the country, and little surprise to me or to my friends, the visit(s) generally coincide with the Weihnachtsmarkt (Christmas market) season.

Have you visited the Christmas markets in Germany? You’ll know if you have, because …

… there’s gotta be a big Christmas tree somewhere;
… there’s a murmur in the crowds, from the quiet escalating to the jolly;
… the klang of porcelain mugs;
… the smell of sweet liquor, grilled sausage, and fried potato pancakes.

By day or at night, people are subjected to the simple whims of the sights, smells, and sounds of the markets.


The large pedestrian square at Alexanderplatz is obvious prime space to put down some stakes for a large Christmas market among many in the German capital city. The foot traffic is a lot busier than usual, and I feel some sympathy for the tram drivers …

Alexanderplatz, Berlin, Germany,

“Crossing the tracks”: Alexanderplatz, Berlin

Frankfurt am Main

The 30-metre (100-foot) high Christmas tree provides a great counterpoint to the restored historical buildings at Römer and the smooth vertical lines of the Commerzbank Tower in the background, here at the Frankfurter Weihnachtsmarkt.

Weihnachtsbaum, Weihnachtsmarkt, Römerberg, Frankfurt am Main, Germany,

Weihnachtsbaum am Römerberg, Frankfurt am Main


Hamburger Weihnachtsmarkt, Rathausmarkt, Hamburg, Germany,

Hamburger Weihnachtsmarkt, Rathausmarkt


Seen more prominently now at Christmas markets, the Christmas pyramid is a bright landmark with historical and religious connections, calling people closer to the market. The visual call is very effective here at Marktplatz (Market Square) in Heidelberg.

Christmas market and pyramid, Heidelberg, Germany,

Weihnachtspyramide am Marktplatz, Heidelberg

Köln (Cologne)

“Zum Hirsch” (At the Deers) is one of many market stalls, whose deers on the roof seem to surround the Rathaus (City Hall) at Weihnachtsmarkt Alter Markt, one of the largest markets in central Cologne.

Zum Hirsch, Weihnachtsmarkt Alter Markt, Koeln, Germany,

“Zum Hirsch”, Köln Alter Markt


Only one week into the season, residents and visitors are out in full force in early December at the centrally located Leipziger Weihnachtsmarkt at Marktplatz (Market Square). There’s no holding back: whether it’s food, drink, or the purchase of Christmas gifts and decorations.

Leipziger Weihnachtsmarkt, Markt, Leipzig, Germany,

Leipziger Weihnachtsmarkt, am Markt

München (Munich)

A few minutes from central Marienplatz in München is the Kripperlmarkt am Rindermarkt (German), or Crib or Manger Market (English). It’s far enough things are quieter here, but you’ll see, smell, and taste the same things. And you might even see a baby in swaddling clothes …

Kripperlmarkt am Rindermarkt, Muenchen,

Kripperlmarkt am Rindermarkt, München


Once the road for medieval royal processions to the Kaiserdom, Maximilianstrasse is now home to shops and cafés, as well as the Speyer Weihnachtsmarkt. Marvel first at the 11th-century Romanesque architecture of the imperial cathedral, followed by a contemplative sip of the mulled wine at the market outside …

Speyer Weihnachtsmarkt,

Markt am Maximilianstrasse, Speyer

How, when, and where will you make your German Christmas memories?

I made the featured image at the top in E on 28 December 2010, the shot in HH on 21 December 2010, and the shot in M on 1 December 2010. I made the photos in B, F, HD, K, L, SP between 24 November and 9 December 2014. I travel across the country on Deutsche Bahn trains with a German Rail Pass. Access to public transport within Heidelberg, Leipzig, and Berlin were kindly provided by the cities’ respective tourism organizations and local transport authorities. This post appears on Fotoeins Fotopress at as

5 Responses to “My Germany: Christmas Markets Around the Country”

  1. CrazyChineseFamily

    I think it is wonderful that you are able to visit so many different Christmas markets. This year I was only able to see my hometowns market and another one in another city only because I had to go through the market to reach the branch office of my company…


    • fotoeins

      Timo, I consider myself very fortunate to have even visited one, let alone markets in more than one town or city. Did you enjoy going to the markets this year? Happy 2015 to you and your family!

      Liked by 1 person

    • CrazyChineseFamily

      Happy 2015 for you as well!
      I enjoyed my hometowns market though I would have wished for amore Christmassy atmosphere as it had rained the previous weeks resulting that I Christmas feelingcoulddevelope even on the Christmas market


  2. thriftygypsy87

    I have never been to a Weihnachtsmarkt yet, having only ever visited in summer and early fall. We’ll visit this spring and hopefully again in late November or right after Christmas. Maybe then I can finally sip some gluehwein!


    • fotoeins

      Hi, Bonnie. I highly recommend visiting a Christmas market if you can. People will highlight clear favourites, like those found in Nüremberg, Rothenburg ob der Tauber, etc. In whatever city you may be in November and December, find a smaller market as your introduction to the Weihnachtsmarkt and Glühwein. 🙂 Thanks again for reading and for your comment; happy 2015 to you!


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