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Tiergarten, Siegesäule, Carillon, Platz der Republik, Reichstag, Berlin, Germany,

Fotoeins Friday: Berlin panorama, from Reichstag to Siegessäule

Previously, I showed an autumn panorama of Berlin from the observation deck of the Victory Column (Siegessäule). The photo above shows the “reverse” panorama, facing west across the same colour patchwork of fall leaves in Tiergarten park. The foreground shows the abutments on the Reichstag building, and the vertical structure at the right is the Carillon. At the centre is a pillar with a golden figure on top: this is the Victory Column, from where I made the previous photo.

I made the image above on 14 October 2008 with the Canon EOS450D, 18-55mm kit-lens, and the following settings: 1/100-sec, f/5.6, ISO200, 44mm focal length (70mm full-frame equivalent). This post appears on Fotoeins Fotopress at as

4 Responses to “Fotoeins Friday: Berlin panorama, from Reichstag to Siegessäule”

  1. Cathy Sweeney

    Absolutely gorgeous! I’ve enjoyed both of the panoramas. Berlin can be very photogenic when captured by the right photographer — you.


    • fotoeins

      Hi and thanks, Cathy. A lot of what we do as travelers, photographers, and writers involve some luck, good timing, and a painful yet healthy mix of hard work, perseverance, and patience. I’m very glad to have been able to make tens of thousands of exposures (it’s all practice), and while a lot of it crap, I’ve managed to find a few gems in the pile 😉 Thanks again for reading, and for your very kind comment!


  2. Anna

    Beautiful photo! It combines 2 of my favorite things: fall colors and Reichstag!


    • fotoeins

      Hi and thanks, Anna. It’s easy to forget how big the Tiergarten park is. Because there’s a lot to see and do in Berlin, it’s also easy to forget how accessible Tiergarten is for a walk through the entire length of the park. There is something magical about being up on the Reichstag looking over the Tiergarten in fall, the essence for which I hope I’ve captured in my photos. Thanks again for reading and for your comment!


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