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Junkanoo Beach, Nassau, Bahamas - 3 May 2012,

Fotoeins Friday: Caged in Nassau

It’s not long after setting foot and spending time in the Bahamian city of Nassau when signs of great wealth and great poverty begin to stand out, with visitors pouring out of the enormous cruise ships and residents making ends meet with modest fishing boats and conch stands. Near Junkanoo Beach, this piece of art appears on the wall of an abandoned building surrounded by a chain-link fence. Who is represented in the mural? Who is caged in, behind the fence? The website? The city? The country? Her people?

I made the photo above on 3 May 2012 near Junkanoo Beach, known also as Western Esplanade Beach or Long Wharf. This post appears on Fotoeins Fotopress at, and also appears on Travel Photo Thursday for Nancie McKinnon’s Budget Travelers Sandbox.

6 Responses to “Fotoeins Friday: Caged in Nassau”

    • fotoeins

      Thanks, Noel. I tried to find a way to get around the fence, but there was no way without being very public about it. I decided to make a shot (instead of “no shot”), and I think that given the mood of the piece, the chain-link fence adds a lot more to the entirety of the shot. Thanks again for reading and for your comment!


  1. Nancie

    Wonderful shot, Henry. It makes me think of so many of top tourist destinations where people still live in poverty.
    For me, a good example is Egypt. I wish our tourist dollars would go to making life better for the locals.


    • fotoeins

      Thanks, Nancie. It’s about being aware not only away from home, but also to be open to what’s going on wherever we may be living. Thanks again for your comment!


  2. Cathy Sweeney

    I visited Nassau, but it was many years ago. There wasn’t any street art that I recall back then, but there was definitely a distinction between poverty and wealth. However, I only saw the poverty when we were on a bus from our hotel to Paradise Island. The images of people and their living conditions have stayed with me.


    • fotoeins

      Hi, Cathy. I always chatted about this when I stayed with friends in Nassau. There are some very opulent digs over on Paradise Island; one of my enduring memories is the evening we had at The One and Only (exterior shoot for “Casino Royale”). But some of the best food and friendliest people I met were at the food stands by the docks. Kinda broken down? A little, yes. Spirits broken? Aw hell no. How was the conch? So so good. Thanks again for your comment, Cathy!


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