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Finding simple is more in Köln

8 Responses to “Finding simple is more in Köln”

    • fotoeins

      Hi and thanks, John. I was very fortunate to have looked up at the moment I was on the stairs from the basement to the ground floor. The funny thing is that the guard stopped right at that spot without my asking or prompting. Thanks again for reading and for your comment!


  1. nevafels

    Thanks for explaining how you get the perfect picture and you certainly did.


    • fotoeins

      Thank you for reading! I don’t think it’s necessarily the perfect picture, but rather, I prefer to think more about being ready to seize the opportunity at the right place and right time. That comes with “keeping one’s eyes open” to what’s around, and making lots of photographs to experiment, explore, fail, and try again. Thanks again for your comment!


  2. Germany’s urban G-E-M-S: Köln | Fotoeins Fotopress

    […] Staff at the Museum Ludwig focus on works of contemporary art from the 20th-century forward to the present day. They’re also looking at various kinds of media, particularly technology, used to create art. The Museum has the world’s third largest collection of Picasso’s work, behind only Paris and Barcelona. Their permanent collection includes works of European Expressionism, Classical Modernism, American Pop Art, Abstract works, and a large collection of photography. Sometimes, fortune truly favours the brave, or the ones who’re looking. I’m now in the habit of seeking “photographic moments,” and often, they find me. […]



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