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Binnenalster, Hamburg, Germany,

My Hamburg: idyllic summer memories

June is an exceptional time of year to visit the north German city of Hamburg, as these urban G-E-M-S provide additional examples for the “Hansestadt” city.

It’s late June, and Sunday is relatively quiet in the city. Early summer days bring out the best in beautiful sunshine and the beautiful people.

At a latitude of 53 degrees North, 17 hours of daylight in late-June are accompanied by clear blue skies and warm temperatures. There’s lots to do in these summer conditions, including:

  • Hop on a ferry on the Elbe river to see the activity around the Port of Hamburg
  • Walk along the canals or the “Fleets” (in German)
  • Take in an art exhibition at one of the museums along the Kunstmeile (Art Mile) Hamburg
  • Ride a boat through the Fleets, the Speicherstadt (warehouse district), or through the Alster lakes
  • Stop for a drink or a bite to eat in the busy and cozy Sternschanze neighborhood (in German)

Deichtorhallen, photography exhibition, Hamburg, Germany,

“I want to see how you see”

Port of Hamburg, HVV harbor ferry, ferry 61, Elbe river, Hamburg, Germany,

Port of Hamburg

Alter Elbtunnel, HVV harbor ferry, ferry 61, Elbe river, Hamburg, Germany,

Alter Elbtunnel, exterior by day

Altona Fischmarkt, HVV harbor ferry, ferry 61, Elbe river, Hamburg, Germany,

“La Vela”, Hamburger Fischmarkt

Fischauktionshalle, Altona Fischmarkt, HVV harbor ferry, ferry 61, Elbe river, Hamburg, Germany,

Fischauktionshalle, Altona Fischmarkt

Dockland, Fischereihafen, HVV harbor ferry, ferry 61, Elbe river, Hamburg, Germany,

Dockland “bow” from Fishereihafen

Juliusstrasse, Lippmannstrasse, Sternschanze, Hamburg, Germany,

“Radfahrer frei” (No bicycles), Sternschanze

Herr Max, café, Sternschanze, Hamburg, Germany,

Empty table, lonely flag: Herr Max, Sternschanze

S-Bahn, Sternschanze, train station, Hamburg, Germany,

S-Bahn Sternschanze

Aussenalster, Alsterufer, Alster, Hamburg, Germany,

Summer Sunday on the Außenalster

Gerhard Brandes, sculpture, Aussenalster, Alsterufer, Alster, Hamburg, Germany,

Drachensteigenlassende Kinder | Children, flying kites – Gerhard Brandes

Canine, dog, dragon, companion, Aussenalster, Alster, Alster lakes, Hamburg, Germany, Deutschland,

Canine and dragon, in the Aussenalster

"die erste Liebe", Hamburg, Germany,

die erste Liebe vergisst man nicht | you don’t forget your first love

E Michaelis and Co., Michaellisbrücke, Herrengrabenfleet, Hamburg, Germany,

Herrengrabenfleet, from Michaelisbrücke

HafenCity, Baumwall, Hamburg, Germany,

HafenCity, from U-Bahn Baumwall

Hauptkirche Sankt Katharinen, Kornhausbrücke, Hamburg, Germany,

Silhouettes at dusk, St. Katherine’s Church

summer, Alster, Hamburg, Germany, Deutschland,

Hamburg Alster – 28 June 2010.

I made all of the above photos with a Canon EOS450D (XSi) on 26, 27, and 28 June 2010. This post appears on Fotoeins Fotopress at as

7 Responses to “My Hamburg: idyllic summer memories”

  1. Andrew

    Hamburg will always have a special place in my heart. It was the first place I went in Germany many many years ago. An exchange program in the summer even. I spent 2 months just wandering in the city. It was great. And yet since then I have not really been back. I need to fix that.

    Liked by 1 person

    • fotoeins

      That’s great, Andrew! I have another post in the works about taking a boat through the canals (Kanalfahrt, not Fleetfahrt). And yes, please go back this summer and visit HH again! 😉


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