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My mountains, my harbour: my hometown

At sunset on a cold breezy late-January afternoon from Canada Place in Vancouver, I made the following panoramas of the waterfront.

Click on each of the following to blow `em up large on your display …

Waterfront panorama, Burrard Inlet, Vancouver, CanadaWaterfront panorama, Burrard Inlet, Vancouver, Canada

As always, the added bonus is the drone of seaplanes landing and taking off from the harbour, as the following 75-second video shows. Various companies offer ‘sea-to-sea’ flights from Vancouver to the Gulf Islands and Vancouver Island.

I made all of the above on 26 January 2012 with a 4th-generation iPod Touch; panoramas were constructed with the Photosynth app. This post appears originally on Fotoeins Fotopress (

2 Responses to “My mountains, my harbour: my hometown”

    • fotoeins

      Thanks, Xandre – I hope you can come to Canada and visit my hometown someday soon!


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