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Guest interview on The Working Traveller

As part of the #RTWsoon hashtag on Twitter, I’m happy to announce my guest interview with The Working Traveller is available. The interview was published 2 December with the following tweet :

Here’s an excerpt of the interview:

Planned to death or casual meander?

I like to plan; more to the point, I like to read everything, both from a good old-fashioned tactile guidebook and from the multitude of travel blogs online. I’ve essentially transferred my love of research from “astronomy” to “travel’. I’ve begun planning and coordinating with friends about the dates I’ll be visiting and if they’ve room for a travel bum to stay with them. I figure that once I’ve arrived at the respective destinations, I’ll do a mix of planning (from the information I’ve gathered) and going with what friends recommend. What will be different is New Zealand’s South Island and Europe, where I’ll be on my own. Naturally, I’ve been focusing my research efforts lately towards the South Island. I’ve lived in Europe before, but I still have to do a bit of homework there.

The full interview appears here. From the start as a paper magazine in 1992 to the present-day website, The Working Traveller targets the travelling audience and highlights ways, tips, and employment opportunities to help pay or augment funds during an ongoing trip in a foreign country. You can also follow The Working Traveller on Twitter.

Thank you, Deirdre and Shane!

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4 Responses to “Guest interview on The Working Traveller”

    • fotoeins

      I know! I think it’s a little early at this stage, but their interviews are with people who are going to be RTW-soon. But you know I’m still grateful for the opportunity.

      Thanks, Eva!


  1. Shane

    It was our pleasure to feature you on our site and find out more about your forthcoming trip. We will be following your journey with interest while we save for our own travels to Central America, hopefully at the end of next year.


    • fotoeins

      Thanks, Shane! I’m looking forward to visiting Istanbul next fall with my Turkish-German friends! I also hope preparations go well for your trip next year to South America.


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