Hangin’ o’er the Main

Holbeinsteg Frankfurt Germany

Holbeinsteg, Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

A sign at the foot of this bridge reads:


Baujahr: 1990.
Architekt: Albert Speer & Partner
Bedeutung: Die über 142 m frei gespannte Stahlseil-Hängebrücke ist das zeitgemäße Pendant zum Eisernen Steg ein wichtiger bestandteil des 1980 entwickelten Städtebaukonzepts des Frankfurter Museumsufers.

Completed in 1990 as a pedestrian-only bridge, the Holbeinsteg is a 142-metre free-span steel and cable suspension bridge over the river Main (pronounced like “mine”). The bridge is a modern version of the nearby Eiserner Steg (Iron Bridge) to the east, and is an important part of the 1980 planning concept developed by the city of Frankfurt for the Museum Embankment along the Main.

I made the photo above on 13 March 2010. This post is published on Fotoeins Fotopress at fotoeins.com.

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