Lichtbaum, Christmas in July (10 of 14), Hamburg Rathaus

“The sparkly and the bokeh”

Rathausmarkt, Hamburg, Germany – 21 December 2010.

Just two days before closing and four days before Christmas, the Christmas market in central Hamburg at Rathausmarkt (City Hall Square) was in full swing, with lights, decorations, Glühwein, food, and above all, people of all ages.

As I walked around the square, making a photo of this and making a photo of that, I found myself under the very tall Christmas light-tree (Lichtbaum), where I stood, transfixed by the colourful lights …

Weihnachtsmarkt Hamburg Rathausmarkt
Weihnachtsmarkt Hamburg Rathausmarkt
Weihnachtsmarkt Hamburg RathausmarktWeihnachtsmarkt Hamburg Rathausmarkt

I made the photos above in Hamburg on 21 December 2010. This post was published originally on Fotoeins Fotopress (

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