Flickr – has its time come and gone?

Lately, I’ve been concerned about the relative stagnancy in Flickr’s overall design and its slow response to moves by other photo-hosting sites.

Facebook is great with connecting people at social events, but it’s not great at building or linking together a community based on specific photographic interests or topics the way Flickr has done with its Groups.  I’ve had this uneasy feeling that someday Yahoo might eventually turn Flickr into a big passive storage system, if it hasn’t happened already.

With good recent timing and thanks to various tweets, I’m now investigating new sites like 500px to see what else other hosts have to offer.

I wrote this note precipitated by the TechCrunch article where Flickr designer, Timoni West, criticizes Flickr for the lack of clarity on one of its key pages.  I’m a little worried, because I have enjoyed Flickr’s Groups in finding new friends, but there are areas around Flickr which are very clunky to navigate (re. built-in mail function, searches, search results, etc.).  This has some bearing about how I’d like to continue to publicize my future plans and work.

Maybe it really all boils down essentially to one fundamental question : does Yahoo have any idea about what they want to do with Flickr?

HL, 0600h GMT, 19 May 2011.

P.S. 1850h GMT, 20 May 2011 – Thomas Hawk has posted on Flickr with his own views on the matter.

Initially published on Posterous, this post has moved and now appears on Fotoeins Fotopress (

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