Christmas Markets, part 1 : Munich

The Christmas markets in December are greatly improved by the presence of snow.

And in München on this first week of December (2010), there was a wae bit of snow. The snowfall was not of blizzard proportion, but there was enough of it all the same to annoy or thrill you, depending on whether you had to dig out from underneath or trudge through the stuff on your way to work, or if you simply had some time off to enjoy the late-autumn winter wonderland.

Kripperlmarkt am Rindermarkt (Manger, Crib market).

Sendlinger Tor
Northeast entrance, Christkindlmarkt am Sendlinger Tor.

Sendlinger Tor
Southwest entrance, Christkindlmarkt am Sendlinger Tor.

The photos above were made with the Canon EOS450D and 50mm/1.4 lens on 1 Dec 2010. Published initially on Posterous on 8 Dec 2010, the post was moved and now appears on Fotoeins Fotopress (

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