St. Nicholas Day 2010 (snack, LH flight)

(Written and posted 6 December 2010)

There is snow just about everywhere in central Europe.

With continued light snowfall, a blanket of snow already on the ground, and colourful sparkling lights over streets and at marketplaces, there is a quiet yet festive atmosphere in many cities and towns throughout the continent.

December 6 is known in many places traditionally as Saint Nicholas Day.

On St. Nicholas Day (2010) on-board Lufthansa flight to Frankfurt am Main, the on-board snack arrived differently, delivered in a small white St. Nick’s (Weihnachtsmann) pouch. Inside the pouch were: a small card with a greeting and a description of St. Nicholas’ Day, a cheese sandwich, a package of four small Lebkuchen, a little choco-Weihnachtsmann, and a mandarin orange.

That’s not bad for a snack for a one-hour intra-European flight a couple weeks before Christmas …

St. Nicholas Day, LH1405St. Nicholas Day, LH1405St. Nicholas Day, LH1405St. Nicholas Day, LH1405

The enclosed card from Lufthansa reads in English and German, respectively:

Every year on the 6th of December, it’s an old German custom to celebrate St. Nicholas Day. On that morning St. Nicholas makes the eyes of all good children sparkle with joy. Because on the night before, he came with his big bag of treats and filled their boots with nuts, sweets or little surprises.

We too would like to surprise you on St. Nicholas Day — with this little sachet full of goodies in the spirit of the season. After savoring the treats inside, you’re welcome to take it home as a little memento of the Lufthansa St. Nicholas. Enjoy!

Jedes Jahr am 6. Dezember ist nach deutschem Brauch Nikolaustag. Dann zaubert der Nikolaus am Morgen ein Leuchten in die Augen aller braven Kinder. Denn in der Nacht zuvor kam er mit seinem grossen Sack und füllte Nüsse, Süssigkeiten oder kleine Überraschungen in ihre Stiefel.

Auch wir möchten Sie heute anlässlich des Nikolaustages überraschen — mit diesem kleinen Säckchen voller Leckereien, passend zu den Festtagen. Gerne dürfen Sie es nach dem Geniessen der Köstlichkeiten als kleine Erinnerung an den Lufthansa Nikolaus mit nach Hause nehmen. Viel Vergnügen.

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