A year in between

Location: Heckmannhöfe (Heckmann Courtyards), Berlin-Mitte, Germany.

An ordinary scene on an autumn day, whose light illuminated a simple bench on two separate occasions :
And in between were these twelve highlights:
  1. First visit to Bloomington, IN; damn, those subs were good.
  2. The last time in Heidelberg, and hitting the ol’ haunts in the town where I used to live
  3. One of the last times LX flew SCL-GRU-ZRH (A343), and the quiet EuroCity train rolling and chugging through the snow-covered Alpine meadows between Zürich & München.
  4. First visits to Granada, and Madrid & Sevilla
  5. First (and last) visit to a bullfight, opening weekend at Plaza de Toros in Madrid
  6. The glorious tapas in Madrid, and the different tapas-style in Andalucía
  7. Two beautiful weeks in Sydney at the beginning of winter in late-June, with copious amounts of Chinese food in Chinatown and EastWoo(d).
  8. M&M’s wedding in MSP in mid-September : a beautiful ceremony for a great-looking couple on a perfect late-summer day … wasn’t it?
  9. First visit to the Hanseatic city of Lübeck, and the holiday port of Travemünde on the Baltic coast, where I watched ferries arrive from Sweden.
  10. Seeing the deutsche Hauptstadt bathed in bright golden autumn-light …
  11. Another five to PRG, and sussing out all the Velkopopovicky Kozel, Houskové Knedlíky, and hidden cobblestone streets I could possibly find.
  12. 2008 ways to say goodbye, in order to see 2009 in the City by the Bay … 
As I expected, revisiting these highlights has brought to the fore a number of ideas for future projects  …

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